by Elias Manglinis /after Euripides’ Alcestis | directed by Syllas Tzoumerkas

The Wahncau case: a woman was found dead standing upright. The usual rigor mortis was replaced by a rare, instantaneous stiffness. Since we are used to seeing the dead lying down horizontally, resigned of their rights or bereft of presence, this woman seems to be threatening us. Not unlike Alcestis who “returned and did not return, is and is not Alcestis. You could say that she was living and you could say that she was dead”. A sun eclipse will cast an uncanny light on a peaceful earth, in the future, on people’s faces and temple ruins.

Directed by: Syllas Tzoumerkas. Dramaturgy: Vassia Attarian. Lighting design: Eliza Alexandropoulou. Costume design: Marli Aleiferi. Music: Makis Kentepozidis a.k.a. Quetempo. Hair and make-up artist: Evi Zafiropoulou. Assistant directors: Nikos Kolioukos, Alexandra Riba. Production management: Le Fou productions. Production: Athens Epidaurus Festival.

Cast: Maria Filini, Stephan Mwange, Vassilis Kanakis, Nikolas Papagiannis, Niki Papandreou, Anna Tsakouridou.

Athens Epidaurus Festival, 5, 6 August 2022, Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus

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