A Manifesto for the Un-Communal

“Lawless, without hearth nor clan” (Homer, The Iliad, 9.63)

A Manifesto for the Un-Communal is a documentary, a video diary and a propaganda piece in praise of the outlandishly living.

World premiere Fuori Concorso – 70th Locarno International Film Festival 2017

The short is part of the Out-of-Place collective documentary feature, recipient of the Shimon-Perez-Prize 2017.

A Manifesto for the Un-Communal, Germany-Israel 2017, DCP, 11'

written, photographed and directed by
Syllas Tzoumerkas

edited by
Kathrin Dietzel

music by

produced by
Jamila Wenske
Sol Bondy
Gal Greespand
Roi Kurland

project manager
Jana Lotze

text read by
Youla Boudali
Angeliki Papoulia
Syllas Tzoumerkas

with the participation of
Maria Filini
additional voice work by
Makis Papadimitriou
Noaz Deshe

A Manifesto for the Un-communal
is part of the Out-of-Place collective feature

An initiative of the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund
in collaboration with GREENproductions
ANU-Making Change
One Two Films

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